SenZopt’s solutions are built on a common platform, BeeBot

BeeBot powers our state-of-the-art Lighting Control system that provides the right amount of illumination based on occupancy and ambient daylight.

The autonomous HVAC management system ensures that every occupant in the building has a comfortable and healthy environment to work in.

BeeBot enables an easy-to-use Conference room management system, that automatically sets the scene according the activity in the room.

Our comprehensive Parking Management System manages traffic flow in dedicated office multi-level car parks.

BeeBot also brings together solutions for workspace management such as Asset Tracking, and Seat assignment

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SenZopt’s solution utilizes a distributed network of sensors, which is placed around the building. These measure various parameters such as – occupancy (human/car), temperature, humidity, light levels, air quality. Data from these sensors is sent wirelessly to the central gateway. The gateway runs complex algorithms to determine the right parameters to adjust, in order to create the most comfortable environment for the occupants. These parameters are adjusted through the controllers. This entire system is a closed loop, which means that facility personnel do not have to manually change settings to create the ideal environment

All gateways send data over ethernet/wifi to a server or cloud device. The server collates information from devices across the building, and runs analytics to generate insights into the operation of the facility. The server can also collate data of different buildings across geographies. These analytics and insights can be viewed anytime, anywhere on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

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